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Our Services

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Here at Rag's Electric, we offer a range of services to meet our client's needs. We're the trusted partner for all things electrical, bringing expertise and power to Chicagoland's businesses and industries. Our dedication to safety, quality, and exceptional customer service has expand our reach across the nation. From Indiana, Texas, to Michigan, we're bringing our Chicago-tested expertise to diverse projects and clients.

What We


Commercial & Industrial

We design and install electrical systems for new construction, renovations, and ongoing maintenance.


New Construction & Tenant-out

From the ground up, we design and install electrical systems for new construction projects and tenant-out spaces.


Electrical Testing 

We create custom lighting designs that are both beautiful and functional, enhancing the atmosphere of your business.


Retrofits & Upgrades

We help you upgrade your electrical systems to be more efficient and sustainable with energy-saving technology.


Street Light Maintenance

We keep your streets, parking lots, and walkways illuminated with reliable and efficient streetlight maintenance.


Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting

We design and install parking lot and exterior lighting solutions that are both functional and energy-efficient. 


Repairs & Maintence

Our team is available for prompt and reliable electrical repairs and maintenance, ensuring your systems run smoothly.


Fire Alarm & Low Voltage

We install and maintain fire alarm and low-voltage systems for your peace of mind, protecting your people and property.

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